Personal Training

Together we can define your fitness goals and develop a plan to achieve them over time. We will include smaller more achievable progress goals along the way which will help to keep you motivated on your fitness journey and allow you to recognise the fantastic progress you’ve made. Workouts and training programmes will be tailored to your desired outcomes and ability, and altered to meet your needs. Bad knees, weak ankles, old injuries – no problem! I’ll design your programme taking your individual differences into account.

Our workouts will be varied to keep you on your toes, and I will regularly coach new exercises and techniques  so you’re not stuck in the same routine. Your workouts will become more efficient as you’ll find that you’re working harder in a shorter space of time, increasing the efficiency of our workout. Moreover, you’ll find that having someone there working with you will make you want to put in maximum effort and will give you the motivation you sometimes lack when working out alone.

I can offer

  • Weight loss programmes
  • Muscle building and Strength training
  • Personalised training programmes
  • Nutritional advice
  • Free consultation

Personal Training at my home gym or online

Fully equipped – Beckenham Avenue, East Boldon.

  • Single session – £16.50
  • Four sessions – £62
  • Ten sessions – £145

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