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    Where does your 100% lie

    Everything we do, we try to give it 100%. ‘I’m going to get fit, I really want to push myself’. ‘I’ve got so much on at work, I just need to make sure I get XYZ done for Joe Bloggs’. ‘I’m doing really well with my food, I just need to keep it up and I know I’ll feel better’. ‘I’ve got to pick the kids up and drop them off at swimming, then dancing, then parties, then make the dinner, clean the house…….’. ‘I’m supposed to be meeting a friend for dinner on Saturday, but I’ve also said I will…’. YOU ARE RUNNING ON FUMES. If you keep trying…

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    It’s time to make time

    ‘But I don’t have time’ We’ve all said it at some time for one reason or another. Generally, it’s the biggest barrier to exercise – having the time. You work full time, have kids, have a social life, have commitments outside of work, you want a social life, you want to spend time with your spouse. Other things are prioritised, such as taking care of someone else, cleaning up the house or even just having some down time to relax from the stresses of work and life. The thing is, we really can’t afford to neglect our bodies. We say we don’t have time to exercise, but really sometimes its…

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