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Why AW² Wellness

The question I’m asked day in day out by so many people is ‘why?’

‘Why did you become a personal trainer?’

‘Why do you want to do it?’

‘Why did you quit a perfectly great job to take the risk of going self employed?’

The answer is simple – because I love it.

Exercise has the power to make you so much more than you ever thought you could be. I believe wellness is key to a happy, healthy and well rounded lifestyle. That may sound cliche and corny, but its true.

At 110 kg, I was uncomfortable. I was clearly obese which was physically uncomfortable. Exercise did not come easy and when things did get hard my first instinct was to turn to comfort food. Emotionally and mentally, I was all over the place – in short my own ‘Wellness’ was suffering. I exuded a false confidence allowing people to think that I was happy the way I was, that it didn’t kill me not to be able to go shopping with my friends because I only fit into plus sized sections, that sitting down on public transport meant I took up two thirds of the double seat and that going out for a night dancing would leave me with sore and aching legs for days. It was unhappy.

40kg down thanks to Weight Watchers, I started running and going to bootcamps, really enjoying the buzz of exercise. However by this point without realising it, I’d started developing an eating disorder alongside body dysmorphia. My physical and mental well being was suffering. I couldn’t eat anything without knowing how many points it contained, I stopped going out for meals and drinks with friends and I hated what I saw in the mirror. I should have felt better than I’d ever felt in my life but instead I felt worse. I felt awful in my own skin.

It took three years for me to realise just how bad things had become and I was struggling to cope. Things had to change – it was time to change my attitude towards food, and for that I decided to hire a personal trainer. It was the best decision I ever made.

Suddenly I was eating fats again, upping my protein, eating pizzas, going out for meals and actually feeling better for it. There was no more low-fat zero-cal diet point free food. It was healthy, nutritious, filling and delicious! I experimented with recipes, started going out for dinner and drinks and having coffees with friends, it was all possible and actually helping my body to look better and get stronger.

Alongside the change in diet, I started lifting weights. Gone were the days of spending hours on a cardio machine, I started varying my gym sessions with ‘leg days’ ‘arm days’ ‘back days’ and trying out different workouts, making my own circuits and HIIT routines and attending classes.

The more I learned and the leaner and stronger I became the better I felt. 50kg down and I stopped looking at my weight and started concentrating on body fat, measurements and the way my clothes felt. Now I look in the mirror and I don’t focus on my flaws; instead I see how far I’ve come and how proud I am of my body.

Its true that exercise releases endorphins that make us feel great, but the endorphins don’t keep you going forever. Having someone there to support you, provide advice, guidance and encouragement along the way will push you to strive to do your best and achieve those goals you set for yourself.


Why did I become a personal trainer?

I did it because I want to be the person that makes you feel as strong, confident and powerful as I now feel thanks to personal training. I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, love what you see in the mirror and if you don’t, change that perception. To help you get fitter, stronger, build muscles, lose weight and for you to always have someone to turn to if you have questions they need answered. To help you find the exercise you enjoy, the food you love and work out how it all fits in to your lifestyle.

Why choose AW² Wellness?

I don’t just want to be a personal trainer. I want to be a coach, an adviser, someone you can laugh with, have fun with, work hard with and trust. I want to be a friend.

I’ve been at both sides of the journey – I’ve lost weight and maintained that weight loss, toned my body and I’ve built muscle mass after years of being terrified of weights. I’m walking talking proof that it can be done, and that I know how to help you achieve it. I’m friendly, honest, reliable and fun but make no mistake – I can be feisty and make sure you work hard to reach those goals!

Lets do it together.